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Bring Security to DeFi and Revolutionize Crypto-Gaming.
Value Locked: - BNB
BINGOV Mining Rate: -
Next Halving: -
BINGOV Supply: -
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Early Adopter Incentive

Earn BINGOV for every BNB-deposit, depending on a mining-rate. The earlier you deposit, the higher the mining-rate.


The mining-rate is halved after predefined intervals, similar to Bitcoin-halvings. This limits the total BINGOV-supply.

Gaming Bonus

Whereas yield farmers earn BINGOV for every deposit, gamers earn BINGOV for every bet, regardless of whether they win or lose.

Earn Fees

The BINGOV-organization may charge small "win-taxes" from gamers, benefiting all BINGOV-holders.


BINGOV-holders can participate in the BINGOV decentralized autonomous organization.


There are no admins who could manipulate the airdrop.

BinomialPool works directly from your wallet.

100% On-chain. No website. No mobile app. No bullshit.

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Works directly from your wallet

To deposit, send your BNB to the pool-contract and receive BINSHARE. To withdraw your BNB, send your BINSHARE back to the pool-contract.

No security loopholes

With BinomialPool, there is no centralized authority who could steal deposits. No external code is used. Updates are impossible by design.

Weak governance

Established via the BINGOV-airdrop, the governance can fine-tune the protocol. However, the governance has no authority over deposits.

User Instructions
Who is behind BinomialPool?
BinomialPool is not a company, but an open-source DeFi-protocol that is owned by its yield farmers. BinomialPool is programmed in a way to make exit-scams impossible. Nevertheless, BinomialPool has publicly known developers to increase the level of trust. The developers use their real names on GitHub and are located in Austria/Europe.